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Building information
  • Building Grade Grade C
  • Floors Block A & B: 23 stories; Block C & D: 27 stories; 3 basements (3 stories office podium)
  • Typical floor 1100 sqm/floor
  • Working hours Monday to Friday: 8AM - 6PM, Saturday: 8AM - 12PM
  • AC System Ceiling air conditioning system
  • Back-up Power Backup generator meets 100% demand of capacity
  • Elevators Block A & B: 3 lifts, Block C&D: 4 lifts
  • Parking 3 basements
Leasing details
  • Rent 13 - 14 usd/sqm/month
  • Service charge 0.5 usd/sqm/month
  • VAT 10%
  • Car parking 1.200.000 vnd/car/month
  • Motorbike parking 80.000 vnd/motobike/month
  • AC electricity cost Charges based on actual consumption
  • Overtime charge Free

Rental is subject to change based on floor areas, lease term and market updates.

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More information

Developed by Song Da Investment Joint Stock Company, Viet Duc Complex is a modern mixed-use building encompassing retail spaces, service areas, office floors, and high-end apartments located in the heart of the urban center. For more information on leasing rates and available spaces, please contact Maison Office.

Location and Advantages of Viet Duc Complex 

Situated on the main artery of Le Van Luong, Viet Duc Complex stands out in the vibrant Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh urban area. The building benefits from its central location amidst a bustling residential and office hub, ensuring a dynamic environment for businesses.

The complex faces the lush Nhan Chinh Park and is positioned in a key economic zone bustling with activity. Its location is set back 100 meters from the main road, surrounded by greenery, effectively reducing noise and pollution, enhancing the quality of the workspace.

This area serves as the political and social hub of the city’s west, home to numerous administrative offices and agencies. Viet Duc Complex boasts a perfectly integrated system of modern infrastructure and utilities.

Building Scale, Design, and Facilities 

Viet Duc Complex consists of:

– Towers A & B: 23 floors + 3 basement levels + 3 elevators

– Towers C & D: 27 floors + 3 basement levels + 4 elevators

– Floors 1-3 podium: Allocated for Retail, Services, and Offices

Viet Duc Complex

The complex faces the 13-hectare Nhan Chinh Park and a serene lake, bringing nature right to your office doorstep. Just step out onto the balcony or open a window to let the freshness of the outdoors invigorate your workspace.

Amenities and Services at Viet Duc Complex 

Viet Duc Complex offers a range of premium amenities and services:

– Proximity to major banks: TP Bank Dong Do, Vietcombank, ATM Techcombank, Public Bank Thanh Xuan, VP Bank Le Van Luong, BIDV Nguyen Tuan, Vietinbank Nguyen Thi Thap…

– Only 500 meters from Thanh Xuan District People’s Committee, with quick access to DHL and Best Express courier services

– Easily accessible to the inner city and the 3rd ring road due to its prime location intersecting Le Van Luong and Khuat Duy Tien, and close to Nguyen Tuan and Nguy Nhu Kon Tum streets.

– The three-story base houses a bustling array of services: cafes, gyms, supermarkets, and a vibrant shopping center, meeting all the essential needs of employees.

For exclusive rental offers and information on available spaces at Viet Duc Complex and other suitable office rentals in Hanoi, contact Maison Office today!


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