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Why Maison Office?

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400+ Office Buildings

Maison Office is an agency providing rental services in ALL of the offices building grade A-B-C. We commit to supply to you the most choices, as well as saving your searching time and choosing suitable office to satisfy your needs.

Maison Real

5000+ Loyalty Customers

As the leading leasing agent, having a stable customer base, Maison Office always closely cooperates and receives the best support from building owners on the policy of renting, incentives for Maison Office customers.

Maison Real

10+ years of experience

Maison Office has many experienced employees, who have still contributed their expertise ensuring to help you the best in every step of finding, reviewing, evaluating, and selecting offices. Our responsibility is helping you negotiate the most affordable price and rental conditions.

The consultant team is always ready

The service process & Customer benefits

  • Receiving needs

    Receiving needs from customers, providing preliminary advice about the renting sources and the regular office rental practices.

    You would have the right direction to find an office which is suitable with the budget and the available supply of the market.

  • Price quoting

    Sending quotes with full information, office images that are suitable for renting.

    You would get all the right choices, just after a single phone call.

  • Actual examination

    Organizing the schedule and direct contacts with the building manager.

    Helping you to save time, contacting expenses, meet the right person, who have authorities at the building.

  • Consulting

    Preparing analytical reports, comparing and evaluating objectively advantages and disadvantages of each building.

    You would have fully information to choose the most suitable office.

  • Supporting negotiations

    Providing to you the complete market information, rental history in the building, analyzing contract terms. Determining all relevant terms to effectively negotiate.

    You would have fully information to choose the most suitable office.

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