Building Informations
  • Address 25 Le Dai Hanh, Hai Ba Trung
  • Number of floors 14 floors and 02 basements
  • Clear height 2,6m - 2,8m
  • Net floor area 750m2
  • Parking At 02 basements and parking area around the building
  • Elevators 3 high-speed elevators - capacity 1000kg/elevator, 2 emergency staircases
  • Air-conditioning system VRV II Label Toshiba Central air conditioner system
  • Backup power Powerful backup generator meets 100% demand of capacity
  • Working time Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm; Saturday: 8am - 12:30pm
Leasing details
  • Gross rent From $19/m2/month
  • Service charge $5.5/m2/month
  • Typical lease area

    Flexible leasing area from 50 to 500m2

  • Electric cost for AC Included in rental fee
  • Motobike parking fee $11/motorbike/month
  • Car parking fee $110/car/month
  • Electricity use inside office Charges based on actual electricity usage

CDC Tower is a Grade B office building, with a prime location at the intersection of Le Dai Hanh – Ba Trieu – Thai Phien, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. With expensive facades and sophisticated design, modern, facilities, complete equipment.

Location and advantages of CDC Building

CDC Building is located at Nga Ba Ba Trieu – Thai Phien – Le Dai Hanh, which is considered to be the commercial and financial center of Hanoi, CDC Building therefore has special advantages in terms of location position as follows:

From the location of the CDC building, it is easy to move to other large and small routes in the inner city and is convenient for contact with many customers of Vietnam and abroad.

Around the building are many office buildings for lease, commercial centers, economic organizations, a system of many domestic and international banks creating a vibrant working environment, great competition, many development opportunities.

Scale, design and office equipment

CDC Building has a scale of 14 floors and 2 basements, built on a total area of ​​nearly 9000m2 with wide and airy frontage stretching on both sides of Le Dai Hanh and Ba Trieu streets.

The building is built according to ancient Western European architecture, meeting the standards of a professional office building with flexible office leasing area from 40m2 to 750m2.

The building is equipped with complete and synchronous equipment system, including:

+ System of 3 high-speed elevators with a capacity of 1000 kg with 2 spacious stairs.

+ VRV II Label Toshiba central air conditioning system, with temperature control for each area.

+ FGWILSON 600 KVA large capacity backup generator meeting 100% demand of the building.

+ Fire protection system automatically according to international standards, fire doors, 2 emergency stairs.

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