Thông số toà nhà
  • Vị trí 174 Thai Ha, Dong Da
  • Chiều cao tầng 13 floors and 3 basements
  • Chiều cao trần 2,7m
  • Diện tích sàn 700m2
  • Đỗ xeAt 3 basements ~2100m2
  • Thang máy High-speed elevators
  • Điều hòa Central air conditioners
  • Điện dự phòng Backup generator meets 100% demand of capacity
  • Giờ làm việc Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm; Saturday: 7:30am - 12am
Chi tiết giá thuê và diện tích
  • Giá thuê gộp (Giá thuê + Phí dịch vụ)From $20/m2/month
  • Phí dịch vụIncluded in rental fee
  • Diện tích cho thuê


  • Tiền điện điều hòaIncluded in rental
  • Đỗ xe máyUpdating
  • Đỗ ô tôUpdating
  • Tiền điện trong văn phòngCharges based on actual electricity usage
Thông tin chi tiết

TTG Tower is the newest office building to be put into operation in Dong Da district, Hanoi. Conveniently located on Thai Ha street, from the position of the building, it is easy to move into the city center through the main streets such as Hoang Cau, Yen Lang, Tay Son, Chua Boc.

Scale and utilities at the building

The TTG building has a height of 13 floors and 3 basements designed with an office building complex combining with a commercial center, with modern and sophisticated design styles that promise to bring many utilities and features. Use for customer use.

The building is planned to have the following functional division:

– Basements from B1 – B3 with a total area of ​​2,118 m2 are used as car and motorbike parking for customers.

– Trade Center area 1 to 3 floor

– From the 4th to 10th floor is an office for lease which is expected to have a design of co – working space and a full-package office space to help meet a variety of customers.

– The upper floors are expected to design cafes and other utility services.

At the building, the office area is arranged with separate entrance, ensuring security, tranquility and independence from other utility areas of the building. Along with the full equipment and utilities, invested synchronously.


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