Thông số toà nhà
  • Vị trí 4 Lang Ha, Ba Dinh
  • Chiều cao tầng 15 floors and 02 basements
  • Chiều cao trần 2.7m
  • Diện tích sàn 735 m2
  • Đỗ xe02 basements and in front of the buidling. Basements have two separate ways
  • Thang máy 04 OTIS high-speed elevator, 01 staircase and 01 emergency staircase
  • Điều hòa Smart central air conditioner system, adjusting temperture based on location
  • Điện dự phòng 1000 KAV Backup generator meets 100% demand of capacity
  • Giờ làm việc From Monday – Saturday: 8am - 6pm
  • Hướng tòa nhà East, Southeast
Chi tiết giá thuê và diện tích
  • Giá thuê gộp (Giá thuê + Phí dịch vụ)From 18 usd/m2/month
  • Giá thuêFrom $18/m2/month (included service charges and VAT)
  • Phí dịch vụIncluded in rental fees
  • Diện tích cho thuê

    Available area: 50m2, 195m2. 163m2, 218m2

  • Tiền điện điều hòaFree air conditioning during the working hours, additional fees charge outside the working hours
  • Đỗ xe máy$5.5/motobike/month
  • Đỗ ô tô$110/car/month
  • Tiền điện trong văn phòngCharges based on actual electricity usage
Thông tin chi tiết

Designed according to Grade B office standards, including 15 floors and 02 basements with modern infrastructure and professional management. Equip equipment, modern information technology to meet the quality and aesthetics. The building is invested by Harec Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company. Operated and managed by a reputable company Savils Vietnam.

Location and scale of Harec building

Harec Building is located on Lang Ha street. This is a busy commercial street in Hanoi, is the intersection of Ba Dinh and Dong Da districts, concentrating many office buildings and commercial centers, banks, large economic groups. convenient for trading, connecting trade between businesses.

Harec Building office building has a scale of 15 floors, built on an area of ​​1,500 m2 with an area of ​​735 m2 each of which 14 floors are designed as offices for lease.

Design and equipment at Harec Building

The Harec Building has an independent, elegant architecture, the surrounding is very airy, standing on the high floors can view the surrounding space.

Harec Building is equipped with modern, professional and comprehensive equipment systems such as:

+ Central air-conditioning system

+ 1000 KVA backup generator for the whole building

+ The building security system is equipped with a high-tech camera system to monitor security 24/24 hours

+ Smoke and heat alarm system

+ System of 4 modern elevators of OTIS, 1 staircase and 1 large escape staircase

Utilities and office services for lease Harec Building

System of equipment synchronous, modern, full of facilities, utilities, meeting the rental needs of a Grade B office.

All 2 basements and a part of 41m frontage area are used as spacious and airy parking lots. Parking basement has 2 separate doors, making it easy for customers.

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