Thông số toà nhà
  • Vị trí 4 Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh
  • Chiều cao tầng 15 floors 01 basement
  • Chiều cao trần 2,6m
  • Diện tích sàn 496m2
  • Đỗ xe01 basement
  • Thang máy 03 high-speed elevators
  • Điều hòa Fusitsu air conditioner system
  • Điện dự phòng Powerful backup generator automatically starts when the electricity goes out
  • Giờ làm việc Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm; Saturday: 8am - 1pm.
  • Hướng tòa nhà Southeast
Chi tiết giá thuê và diện tích
  • Giá thuê gộp (Giá thuê + Phí dịch vụ)From $15/m2/month
  • Giá thuêFrom $15/m2/month (Included VAT and service charges)
  • Phí dịch vụIncluded in rental fees
  • Diện tích cho thuê

    Leasing area: 60m2, 112m2, 108m2

  • Tiền điện điều hòaCharges based on actual electricity usage
  • Đỗ xe máy$10/motobike/month
  • Đỗ ô tô$100/car/month
  • Tiền điện trong văn phòngCharges based on actual electricity meter
Thông tin chi tiết

TID Center is a high-class office building for lease, located at a prime location right at the intersection of Lieu Giai – Doi Can – Van Cao. With a system of modern and synchronous equipment and a strategic location for convenient transportation and trade, the building has been an office leasing option for many domestic units and multi-group corporations.

Location of TID building

TID Center is a high-grade office for lease building located at 4 Lieu Lieu, Doi Can crossroads. Currently, there are many banks and large companies choosing this place as an ideal place to make transaction offices, contact customers as well as conduct large business transactions.

TID leasing office possesses many advantages in terms of location, can be easily moved and connected to surrounding areas:

+ Move to Vincom Shopping Center, Lotte Center or Daewoo 5-star hotel just under 5 minutes.

+ Move to ring road 2 to Noi Bai airport for only 6 minutes.

+ Move to the Embassy area only 4 minutes.

Scale and design of the building

TID Center office building was built on an area of ​​700m2 with 550m2 of construction area including 15 floors, 1 basement for parking and some technical rooms.

On the first floor is the lobby, reception area, showroom and tea – coffee  space serving businesses operating in the building and customers, partners to trade.

From mezzanine floor upwards is an office space with an area of ​​469 m2 per floor, which can be flexibly divided into many areas to fully meet the needs of office tenants at the building.

The parking area for the employees at the building and the customers in and out of the transaction is the entire basement and the not spacious storage area can meet the maximum use needs of the leased enterprise.

Utilities & services at offices for lease TID Center

As an office building located in a central area, with convenient transportation, TID Center office building inherits all available utilities of modern facilities and synchronous infrastructure.

The area also concentrates many offices for rent in Ba Dinh district such as: Ladeco Building, DC Building or Lotte Center, VIT Tower and many other offices for rent in Hanoi.


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