Rental rates are usually quoted as gross rent in Us dollar per square feet per calendar months (usd/m2/month), comprising of Base Rent plus Service Charge and Value Added Tax.

Service Charge is usually for maintenance and security of the common area and other building’s outgoings. Clean the common area, use public equipment like lighting, elevator and central air-conditioning expenses during office hours. This charge may be subject to adjustments if there are changes in the maintenance cost.

As well as office leasing services in other countries. Office leasing services is completely free for tenants in Viet Nam, customers absolutely do not have to pay any kind of cost.

Security Deposit equivalent to 2 to 3 months’ gross rent, is usually payable upon confirmation of the Lease and it is refundable (without interest) at the end of the Lease.

Most office buildings in Hanoi offer prices in USD and are converted to VND to sign contracts in accordance with national regulations.
Therefore, when the exchange rate for renting office space changes according to the exchange rate

To open a company and a representative office in Vietnam you need a specific address. However, when you have not established a company in Vietnam

You can completely sign an Offer to Lease as an individual, after having a representative office or a company in Vietnam, you can re-sign a lease as an approved company.

The most common way now is to estimate the number of personnel and calculate the office area to be rented based on the standard of office area (m2 / person).

• Average – sufficient: 5-6 m2 per person, this is also the level that Vietnamese company often apply

• Saving area and cost: There are businesses that hire standards 3 – 4 m2 / person

• For creative: 7 – 10 m2 per person, for comfortably to sit and increase creativity for employees.

Usually the premises received will be empty space. You will need to design and build office furniture and need to purchase office furniture and machines before they can be put into operation.
If your company does not have a division, you should hire a company in charge of designing and executing office furniture.

Depending on the size of the premises and the prevailing market conditions, the period can range between two weeks to two months.

Most Landlords will rent free, They only charge electricity used for interior construction and the Service Charge. Some free all.



Ordinary working hours in Vietnam are from 8:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 8:00 to 12:00 on Saturday . Overtime hours using the central air conditioner of the building: Surely extra costs
Overtime not using central air conditioner: Some buildings charge a fee and some buildings not charge. Please include this clause in the negotiation clause when renting an office